Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two




  • ขายเป็น คู่ หน้า/หลัง – SOLD AS A PAIR ◦ Includes a set of 2 trucks, enough for setting up 1 skateboard / longboard.
  • VERY CARVY OR SUPER STABLE ◦ Meet the perfect all around longboard truck. The Caliber II can be configured in hundreds of ways to achieve the perfect feel.
  • 40% STRONGER THAN CALIBER I ◦ New techniques in the manufacturing has allowed Caliber to beef up this truck and make it stronger than ever.
  • NO SLIP BUSHING SEAT ◦ The redesigned bushing seat eliminate excess movement that keeps your weight distribution from translating to turn. Have a precision feel for a fraction of the cost.
  • INCLUDES BLOOD ORANGE ULTRA-HR BUSHINGS (89A) ◦ Enjoy the premium feel of high quality bushings.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black/ดำ, Green/เขียว, Pink/ชมพู, Satin Blue/น้ำเงิน, Satin Smoke/เทา, White/ขาว


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